When it comes to getting archery down to the basics, you come up with three things. Archer. Arrow. Bow. You need all three to complete the equation. Obviously you are here, so you have the archer. Now it is time to focus on the bow. And here at Medieval Archery, we specialize in medieval longbows and recurve bows so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs and your taste. Each and every one of our bows are hand-crafted to offer superior design and power with every nocked arrow. This ensures that when you shoot with one of our bows, you get an authentic experience. We cater to a diverse array of tastes in our selection of bows, offering traditional longbows and war bows for the historic shooter, recurve bows and horse bows for mounted archers, fantasy bows that are both functional and beautiful to behold, LARP bows for your gaming needs, youth bows for the young archers out there, accessories to further enhance your archery experience, and even crossbows to own and shoot for defense, fun, and LARPing! As an archer, only you know your tastes and your needs so take your time and browse through our selection of medieval longbows and recurve bows, as well as their accessories. That way, when you make a decision, you know that it will be just what you need to make your archery experience both fun and authentic.
Bow Making Kits & Parts, DIY Bow Making Sets, and Bow Building Supplies
If you have ever wanted to craft a traditional bow that you can customize to your specifications and decorate according to your taste, then you have come to the right place! Medieval Archery provides an excellent assortment of DIY bow making kits and bow building supplies to help give you a great starting place your bow making project. We carry bow staves, riser blocks, bow backing strips, tip overlay blocks, and other fine pieces to meet your needs.
Traditional Longbows
When anyone thinks of classic medieval archery, the traditional longbow is generally what comes to mind. And for good reason, as the longbow practically dominated the arena of ranged warfare for several hundred years! Here at Medieval Archery, we offer a number of fantastic longbows, all hand made from the finest of woods, in a variety of different styles.
Recurve & Horsebows
The longbow might be the icon of historic archery, but it was not made for every situation. Sometimes an archer needs a more compact bow that offers not only portability but also considerable power. The recurve bow delivers just that, and its small size made it effective on horseback too. And here at Medieval Archery, we offer you a selection of recurve and horsebows so that when you need them, you know where to find them.
Fantasy Bows
The power of a bow in skilled hands is quite well-known, and it the fearsome reputation of archers that likely makes the weapon as popular in fiction as it was in history. If your favorite archer happens to be born of fantasy, then perhaps you might find their bow here at Medieval Archery. After all, we carry a number of fantasy bows that are every bit as functional as they are lovely to look at.
In battle the bow opens new avenues of offense and forces foes to anticipate attacks and devise new defenses. This was true on ancient battlefields, and it remains true today in Live Action Role Playing events. Added in to your LARP experience, a good LARP bow might be just the weapon that gets you through the battle and allows you to experience a whole new realm of possibilities for your character.
Youth Bows
You do not have to be a fully grown adult to enjoy archery, especially not when the activity itself is so rewarding and fun. At Medieval Archery, we offer a variety of youth bows that are sized for a smaller body type, so that even the young can set their sights on a target and hit it with a well-aimed arrow! In fact, many of our youth bows are similar to our adult models, only smaller!
Bows were not the only ranged weapons that an archer had access to in the medieval ages. The crossbow was a favorite of many militaries, especially since it packed great power and was somewhat easy to use. Of course, it would not do for us to ignore this weapon, so at Medieval Archery we also carry a selection of crossbows for you to use, either in LARP events or in historical reenactments.
Bow Accessories
Not only does Medieval Archery have all the bows you will need to practice archery from youth to old age, but we also have all the bow accessories that you will need to properly look after, store, and string your bow too! If you are picking up a bow today, this is one section you do not want to miss. And even if you already own a bow, this section is filled with helpful accessories for any archer to use!