It is one thing to know about archery. It is another thing entirely to know about its history. Luckily, you can learn a bit of both - and much more - from the resources you will find located here in Medieval Archery's books and DVDs section. Whether it is printed on paper or demonstrated in a video demo, everything here is sure to help you learn something exciting and new. Dedicated not just to archery but to both war and history, this section contains a number of printed paperback and hardback books that offer up details about the warriors of the medieval age, who lived and fought when archery and swordplay were in their prime. Books on castles tell about how they were made and defended, while books on weapons, including books on bows, help to confer knowledge of how they were, and still are, used. And for the more visual learner, DVD and video demos offer up similar material. Training videos will help you perfect combative arts and techniques at your own pace, while informational videos will provide entertainment and learning for all who watch them! If, as an archer, you seek to expand your horizons and gain greater knowledge, than Medieval Archery has the section for you. Our selection of books and DVDs will broaden your knowledge base and teach you not only about archery, but also about war, weapons, armor, crafting, and history in general.
Medieval Heraldry Book
Item #HR-133
Coats of arms were at first used only by kings and princes, then by their great nobles, but by the mid-13th century arms were being used extensively by the lesser nobility, knights, and those who later came to be styled gentlemen.
Price: $17.00
The Art Of Mail Armor Book
Item #PP-110
Picture yourself in a full set of shining mail armor at your next reenactment, fair, or costume party. The best part is that you can say you made it yourself with the help of the The Art Of Mail Armor Book.
Price: $28.00
Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction Book
Item #PP-107
Before Iron Man, there were iron men - medieval knights who forged metal suits in preparation for warfare. As described in the Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction Book, few icons can match the power of the suit of armour.
Price: $59.00
Knight Hospitaller Book
Item #HR-129
This book, the first of two to examine the lifestyle, experiences, and military role of the Hospitaller knight, covers the period from the foundation of the order to the invasion of Rhodes in 1306.
Price: $18.00
Medieval Siege Weapons Part 2 Book
Item #HR-134
When it came to non-gunpowder machine development, the medieval period was one of the most inventive in military history. During this era, the pre-existing military-technological traditions from the ancient worlds were brought together.
Price: $17.00
Medieval Siege Weapons Book
Item #HR-108
The Medieval era was a period of variety and invention in siege warfare. Before the use of cannon and other gun-powder artillery, siege engines relied on assorted sources of power, from torsion systems to man-power, counter-balances.
Price: $17.00
Crusader Castles Of The Teutonic Knights Part 2  Book
Item #HR-121
This title covers the developmental and operational history of these fortresses over the length of the Middle Ages. It details how the Baltic fortifications of the Teutonic Knights evolved to reflect the changing nature of siege warfare.
Price: $18.00
Crusader Castles In The Holy Land 1097-1192 Book
Item #HR-123
The Crusaders that landed in the Middle East in the late-11th century brought with them their own traditions of military architecture, but it was not long before their defensive construction began to reflect a broad array of influences.
Price: $18.00
Crusader Castles In Cyprus, Greece And The Aegean 1191-1571 Book
Item #HR-119
Crusader castles and other fortifications, located in Cyprus, the south-western coast of Turkey, and Greece, are among the best examples of late medieval military architecture to be seen in Europe.
Price: $16.00