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Back Quivers

When it comes to selecting your quiver, personal preference plays a large part. Not only will it affect the design and style of your quiver, but also its placement. Here at Medieval Archery, we try to make selecting your quiver easy. If you prefer to carry and draw your arrows over your shoulder from a back quiver, than this section is the one for you. Since a back quiver keeps the arrows slung over your shoulder, it is a perfect choice for the archer on the go, allowing them to move without catching their arrows on their surroundings. As a benefit, a back quiver also keeps the arrows within easy reach, should a shot present itself. Our back quivers are all made using high quality materials and leather, and they come in a variety of different styles. For a tried and true archer, a more basic and traditional back quiver or hunters quiver will work wonders. For the archer with an interest in fantasy, a LotR quiver or a dragon scale quiver might be more appropriate, offering up a stylized look with the same great functionality. Whichever style of arrow quiver you chose to carry, though, you can bet that any of the back quivers found here at Medieval Archery will work wonders for you when it comes to securing your arrows in an easy-to-reach position.
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Peasant Canvas Quiver

Item # HW-701146
Not every archer in medieval society carried a leather quiver. Use the Peasant Canvas Quiver with your historical costume or for archery practice. It is a great accessory for Renaissance faires, LARP events, or on the archery range.

Rangers Leather Quiver

Item # MCI-2204
This Hunters Leather Quiver is made of suede and features a contrasting color with a cutout sewn on top of the body. This back quiver has a harness system to keep it secure, which includes a strap to go around your upper chest and waist.

Simple Archer's Quiver

Item # DK3104
An archers bow might be his bread and butter, but that does not make their quiver any less important. After all, if an archer did not have their Simple Archers Quiver slung over their shoulder, where would they hold their arrows?

Tree of Gondor Quiver

Item # DK3105
If anyone ever asks which nation holds your allegiance and you find yourself wearing this quiver, you need only turn around and show them. This Tree of Gondor Quiver is an accessory that no man of Gondor should ever be without.

Wildling Quiver

Item # MCI-3251
Consider all the roles available to the adventurer that includes the Wildling Quiver in their LARP arsenal. This archery accessory proves useful whether you unleash your skills within a high fantasy realm or a more traditional setting.

Woodland Archers Quiver

Item # DK3107
A stylish and practical means to store your arrows for easy access, be it in battle or practice, the Woodland Archers Quiver features an intricate engraved wood grain pattern for the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.