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Belts & Pouches

Belts are not just for holding up your trousers. In archery, a belt might be for supporting your quiver or for carrying the pouch that contains your extra arrowheads - both are two things that no medieval archer would likely be without! And that is why Medieval Archery carries not just belts, but belts and pouches and other odds and ends that you can secure about your waist - so that as an archer, you are always prepared for what lies ahead. The most pivotal items found in this section are the belts - after all, belt accessories are no help at all if you cannot wear them! We offer both buckle belts and ring belts, with variations on either that add more touches of detail to your person. A Celtic ring belt, for instance, lends some subtle detail to your look with its classic form, while a dragon scale buckled belt reflects an easy-to-use style with obvious fantasy influence. Also found in this section are belt pouches for carrying practically anything you can imagine, from arrowheads to potions to modern amenities and more. We also offer a number of other clever trinkets like compasses, thermoses, telescopes, and more, so that you can complete your look with all sorts of thoughtful and useful accessories. Once you have your base look, it is time to accessorize, and at Medieval Archery, that means taking a few moments to pick out a few items located right here in our belts and pouches section.

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Tall Leather Shoulder Bag

Item # MCI-374
If you are headed to the fair, you had better have some extra carrying capacity to bring along. If you feel like you might need a little help carting away all your items, then you might want to consider this Tall Leather Shoulder Bag.

Thermos Holder

Item # MCI-2211
Our leather thermos holder comes complete with a 1 liter black thermos. The thermos is made from stainless steel and is just what you need for a long day at the fair or after a battle to keep your favorite beverage handy.

Three Bottle Leather Cuff

Item # DK6069
Life in a medieval or fantasy world can be pretty hectic, and you never know when carrying a few bottles, conveniently filled with a choice potion or brew, might be a life-saver. That is why this Three Bottle Leather Cuff is so useful.

Torben Belt Bag

Item # MY100158
Since medieval clothing rarely featured pockets, a belt purse served a vital purpose in an ensemble. The Torben Belt Bag provides an alternate way of storing your possessions with its two loops for threading onto a belt.

Tostig Belt Bag

Item # MY100553
The intriguing puzzles and exciting challenges met in a LARP realm often require quick thinking. Whether you are a knight, wizard, or merchant, prepare for every situation by storing the tools of your trade in the Tostig Belt Bag.

Trader Leather Bag

Item # HW-701162
You may never know when you may need a suede pouch at your side. Carry the Trader Leather Bag with you to hold your important items. Wear this practical and attractive accessory to the market, convention, or Renaissance faire.

Traders Leather Bag - Brown

Item # HW-701272
Traders and merchants from medieval realms need to keep their coins and small treasures at their sides. Carry the brown Traders Leather Bag with you. Wear this practical accessory to the market, convention, or Renaissance faire.

Two Color Cotton Drawstring Pouch

Item # HW-701461
Sometimes your medieval costume has a two-color design and you want your accessories to match. Add our Two Color Cotton Drawstring Pouch to an outfit. This cotton pouch is great for historical reenactments, cosplay, and LARP events.

Ulrich Belt

Item # MY100357
Featuring a detailed brass buckle and tip, the Ulrich Belt is fit for wearing with LARP and historical reenactment outfits, particularly with the garb of nobility. Made from high-quality leather, this belt is both sturdy and stylish.

Universal Leather Frog

Item # DK1043
Originally this frog was designed as a drinking horn holder, but we soon found many other uses for it. This frog is also great for holding replica pistols and blunderbusses as well as LARP daggers, axes, and maces!

Velvet Drawstring Pouch

Item # MCI-568
With the number of things we take with us from point A to point B, it is sometimes a wonder we can keep track of everything. Our Velvet Drawstring Pouch is perfect for carrying your belongings in style! These high-quality velvet pouches come in many colors.

Warriors LARP Sword Hanger

Item # LP0286
As any fighter will tell you, it is important for your weapon to be easy to draw. This Warriors LARP Sword Hanger is an effective way to keep your weapon close when it is not in use, while also ensuring that it is easy to draw too.
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