The power of a bow in skilled hands is quite well-known, and it the fearsome reputation of archers that likely makes the weapon as popular in fiction as it was in history. If your favorite archer happens to be born of fantasy, then perhaps you might find their bow here at Medieval Archery. After all, we carry a number of fantasy bows that are every bit as functional as they are lovely to look at. Like our more traditional longbows, each and every one of our fantasy bows are crafted entirely by hand. This ensures that as ornate as they may look, each one is also a functional bow that you can use to nock, draw, and fire arrows. They come in a number of styles, ranging from elven bows adorned with natural designs and flowing scrollwork to rugged woodsman and ranger bows fit for the best of hunters. We also offer bows from a few popular series, including some Lord of the Rings bows that reflect the weapons wielded by the elves of Middle-earth, including a few longbows based on the weapons of Legolas himself! Vibrancy of color and intricate detailing on each piece makes every fantasy bow here at Medieval Archery a stunning sight to see. Factor in that each one can also be used for traditional archery, and it is not hard to see why our selection of fantasy bows is one of the very best.
Ranger Bow
Item #WB-303
Our Ranger Bow is a very unique bow. The bow is painted black, and all the growth rings of the wood are a silver color, creating an effect not seen before. It has the 2 gold painted tree symbols on either side of the handle.
Price: $155.00
Lord of the Rings Legolas Style LongbowLord of the Rings Legolas Style Longbow
Item #WB-106
Inspired by the bow used by Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies, this bow is available in a variety of weights with a 28 inch draw. The bow is finely crafted from a single piece of Red Oak backed with linen and is solid black.
Price: $130.00
Wood Elf Longbow
Item #WB-611
The legendary Wood Elf Longbow features slight recurve built onto the bow with an elven design that gives you a smooth draw as well as the accuracy of a traditional longbow. If you are a fan of fantasy elves, you simply have to own one of these!
Price: $230.00
The Green Leaf BowThe Green Leaf Bow
Item #WB-314
Our Green Leaf Bow is adorned in green leaves and vines. The bow is also painted green with the green fading at the tips. Made from a solid piece of hickory, this bow is a great target bow or costume bow, and still fully functional.
Price: $155.00
Prologue Bow
Item #WB-308
The bow that was used by the elvish prologue armies. The designs on the front of the bow are hand painted in metallic gold and are located just above and below the handle. The handle area of the bow is black, and then fades to a dark brown.
Price: $155.00
Elven Scout Bow
Item #WB-312
Armies of Elf scouts armed with bows, though small in number, are a potent force in the city of the damned. Our Elf Scout bow is approximately 72 inches long. The bow is made from solid hickory and the handle is wrapped with a tan grip.
Price: $155.00
Katniss Everdeen's Bow
Item #WB-317
The bow has been a classic weapon since time immemorial, and this bow is no different, having been used by a skilled hunter to provide for her family. Katniss Everdeen s Bow is inspired by the bow used by the heroine of The Hunger Games.
Price: $165.00
Snakeskin Fantasy Longbow
Item #WB-L005
One look at this bow is all you need to notice that it is distinctive. It is not the wood or the shape, though, but the backing! Like a serpent from the tall grass, this Snakeskin Fantasy Longbow has a bite that can be quite deadly.
Price: $159.00
Avatar LongbowAvatar Longbow
Item #WB-612
With its tribal design, this Avatar Longbow is quite the impressive sight. Rustic in its appeal, this limited edition bow is more than just a fine accent. It is also a fully functional bow that can put arrows down-range without issue.
Price: $199.00
On Sale For: $175.00