Bows were not the only ranged weapons that an archer had access to in the medieval ages. The crossbow was a favorite of many militaries, especially since it packed great power and was somewhat easy to use. Of course, it would not do for us to ignore this weapon, so at Medieval Archery we also carry a selection of crossbows for you to use, either in LARP events or in historical reenactments. Mechanically, the crossbow uses the same principles as the bow, but instead uses a frame to hold the constrained force, making it much easier to fire. Our crossbows reflect a realistic look for a wide variety of different uses. Our LARPing crossbows offer a lower draw weight for safe use in gaming events while still offering up several styles that fit perfectly into historic and fantasy settings. Even our more decorative crossbows still feature mechanical, moving parts that allow them to be fired (although decorative pieces have limited range and equally low draw weights). And of course, any fully functional crossbows we offer are noted as such and will not disappoint when it comes to delivering a bolt to a target. Not everyone wants to be an archer with a bow, and that is why Medieval Archery offers our crossbows - so that you can easily fight at range, no matter what battlefield you find yourself on.
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Small Slingshot Style Crossbow

Item # ME-0015
Replicating a hunting weapon used in Europe during the 16th century, the Small Slingshot Style Crossbow employs the crossbow design but fires stones instead of bolts. This model is exceptionally well made and crafted in Italy.

Wooden Crossbow

Item # AH-5102
Crossbows are one of several weapons used in medieval warfare and hunting practices that are still in use today for both recreation and reenactment. The Wooden Crossbow features a straightforward design that reflects its ease of use.