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Medieval Garb

As an archer, if you are planning on doing any reenacting, a historic longbow and good medieval garb are the first steps towards creating an authentic look. And Medieval Archery can help you with both of those! In this section you will find our medieval clothing, offered for both men and women so that any archer can easily craft their own ensemble. Whether are you aiming for an authentic look from the pages of history or a fantasy look from your favorite setting, you will find a number of garments that will help you craft your look here. Peasant shirts, outlaw tunics, and medieval trousers all perfectly create base looks, while additions like cloaks, hoods, and more help to build your ensemble into something that no-one can ignore. And for the ladies out there, we offer plenty of options as far as medieval skirts and blouses go, so that you can keep on using your bow while looking like a lovely medieval maiden too! And we do not expect you to go barefoot, so we also carry some mens medieval boots and womens medieval boots to complete your look! Medieval reenactment has never been so easy for an archer! Just browse through the medieval garb here at Medieval Archery and you will likely get quite a few ideas on how to craft your own ideal archer ensemble.
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Twisted Vine Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700480
The Twisted Vine Penannular Brooch looks like it transformed from a living vine into a metal brooch. People used similar brooches for centuries. This brooch is a great accent for fantasy conventions and historical reenactments.

Uma Canvas Dress

Item # MY100477
Create a period costume that is both authentic and unique. With its simple, yet elegant design, the Uma Canvas Dress is perfect for fair maidens who wish to partake in a renaissance fair or put on a historical performance when on stage.

Ursula Canvas Bodice

Item # MY100985
The Ursula Canvas Bodice is a garment for layering in a variety of outfits and costumes. Try wearing it over an undergarment, a long-sleeved blouse, or however you choose. Wear it to your favorite LARP event or Renaissance faire.

Ursula Cotton Chemise

Item # MY100360
Great for wearing under historic dresses and skirts, the Ursula Cotton Chemise features versatile short sleeves and a wide, gathered neck, adjustable via a drawstring cord. This comfortable undergarment also makes a great nightgown.

Ursula Light Cotton Skirt

Item # MY100358
Light and flowing, the Ursula Light Cotton Skirt is a full, ankle length skirt that embodies classic elegance. Available in various colors, this versatile skirt is sure to become a favorite in the wardrobe of any medieval lady.

Ursula Linen Chemise

Item # MY100361
Wear the Ursula Linen Chemise, made from a blend of cotton and linen, for the utmost in comfortable historic underlayers. The linen components in the fabric make this medieval inspired chemise a cool option for warmer weather.

Ursula Linen Underdress

Item # MY101241
A wide variety of medieval and fantasy costumes require the right undergarments. Add this great Ursula Linen Underdress to your historical ensemble. This underdress provides a wonderful and comfortable start to many different outfits.

Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt

Item # MY100359
Made of high-quality cotton, the Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt is both elegant and timeless, perfectly suitable for a variety of historic looks. Featuring a full, ankle length style, this versatile skirt comes in a variety of colors.

Ursula Wool Bodice

Item # MY100479
The Ursula Wool Bodice is a perfect fit for the fair maiden who prefers a historical setting. This period garment looks great whether laced up or worn as a vest, just as suitable for the role of humble villager as that of pirate wench.

Ursula Wool Skirt

Item # MY100480
Fair maidens of every era will wish to add the Ursula Wool Skirt to their wardrobe. The classic design of this period garment creates the historical look you seek, be you a barmaid, noble, merchant, pirate, or LARP adventurer.

Valerie Canvas Blouse

Item # MY100575
Not much beats the unassuming elegance of the Valerie Canvas Blouse. Stylish and versatile, this medieval peasant top has a round neckline and long bell sleeves that match its relaxed fit and the gentle outward taper of its length.

Valerie Linen Blouse

Item # MY100986
Fair maidens may require a blouse for a variety of costumes. The Valerie Linen Blouse layers well with other pieces to create the perfect ensemble. It is the perfect damsel shirt for LARP events, reenactments, and Renaissance faires.