Swords, Daggers & Axes

As an archer, your main weapon is the bow. But it is also a good idea to take a page from the historical archers book and always arm yourself with a secondary weapon as well, just in case your enemies happen to get too close for comfortable archery. That is why Medieval Archery offers a selection of swords, daggers, and axes - so that you can arm yourself properly and stay safe no matter what range your foes decide to attack you from! Arming swords and Viking swords are two of our more common blades in this section, as both are one-handed weapons that were light and easy to carry, yet devastatingly effective when placed into skilled hands. We also offer a few hand and a half swords, better known as bastard swords, to suit the archer who wants options with their melee weapon. We also carry a variety of different of short blades, varying between classic medieval daggers and more traditional hunting knives. This ensures that reenactors can have their preferred short blades, and modern-day archers and hunters can have a dagger to suit their needs too. And for that unique archer who wants something a bit more non-traditional, we offer a handful of hand axes and battle axes to add to your armory as well. A secondary weapon can sometimes save an archers life, and they make for great training tools if you decide to expand from historic archery into medieval swordplay. If nothing else, a sword, dagger, or axe from Medieval Archery helps add some authenticity to your medieval look, while also adding some intimidation to your overall look as well.
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Crecy War Dagger

Item # 404231
As part of the Windlass Battlecry collection, the Crecy War Dagger possesses a no-nonsense double edge blade that is slight, light, and quick, well suited for facing both armored and unarmored foes during your next historical adventure.

Dark Ages Arming Sword

Item # AH-6951
They were not called the Dark Ages for nothing. It was dangerous times, and a mans best friend in that era was the sword at his hip. This Dark Ages Arming Sword delivers to you the classic sword of the age, to use in your endeavors.

Essential Viking Axe

Item # HW-700701
For many Viking warriors, an axe was the weapon of choice. The Essential Viking Axe is a hand forged functional weapon made in the style of ancient Norse battle axes, its short axe head securely fastened to a long wooden haft.

Hand and a Half Dagger

Item # 07-88HNHD
The Hand and a Half Dagger reflects the highest standards in workmanship and comes fully sharpened and ready for battle. Scaled down in size and almost identical in appearance, the Hand and a Half Dagger offers a 13 inch long blade.
$239.32 $191.45

Hand and a Half Sword

Item # 07-88HNH
You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile or effective sword than this bastard sword. Known also as a Hand and a Half Sword, this weapon is the epitome of rugged design that is brutally effective yet effortless in its look.
$418.87 $335.09

Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger

Item # AH-6961N
Based on the arming sword of the Landsknecht, who served in most of the conflicts in early Modern Europe, this Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger echoes the look of its cousin, and possesses all of its considerable functionality, too.

Landsknecht Katzbalger Sword

Item # AH-6959N
A sword was one of the most versatile weapons for a medieval soldier to carry. Even those who utilized pikes, such as the pikemen in the Landsknecht, carried one - that particular sword being this unique Landsknecht Katzbalger Sword.

Langeid Broad Axe Head

Item # HW-700887
Named for a similar axe excavated in Norway, the Langeid Broad Axe Head has a very historical look, hand forged from steel and tempered for durability. The axe head shape has a wide cutting edge and a nearly symmetrical toe and heel.

Man at Arms Arming Sword

Item # 07-88ARM
Inspired by the side arm of choice for many foot soldiers and journeyman warriors throughout history, the Man at Arms Arming Sword has a smaller and more agile design than many of the heavier swords on the medieval battlefield.
$324.82 $259.85

Man at Arms Hand and a Half Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88HNHM
An incredible sword which is balanced for use with either one or two hands, the Man at Arms Hand and a Half Sword by Cold Steel employs the styling of a bastard sword and is exceptionally designed for unparalleled versatility in battle.
$316.27 $253.01

Medieval Huntsman Axe

Item # 600968
This intimidating and deadly hunters axe has a thick wooden shaft that widens at the bottom to keep the axe from slipping from your hand even when used on horseback. The Medieval Huntsman Axe is a versatile camping or survival tool.

Norman Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88NOR
Cold Steel is pleased to offer you the battle-ready version of the famous Norman sword. Like the original and replica trainer weapons studied, it offers a long wide blade with fully sharpened edges and a very useful point.
$427.42 $341.93