What if your child has an interest in more than just archery? What if they want to do the whole reenactment? Well then Medieval Archery has the gear to help you with that too! We offer a wide selection of youth reenactment accessories, ranging from classic archery gear to more traditional reenactment items that are perfect for rendezvous, fairs, and events! Any basic medieval look starts with good garb, and we do not disappoint in that regard. Elven tunics, medieval shirts, and traditional trousers are all stellar starting pieces to let your young lad look more medieval in his style. And for the girls, we offer blouses, skirts and more to have her looking like an adventurous medieval princess! Smaller accents like ring belts and buckle belts can be found here to add in, offering support to hold up pouches, frogs, and quivers. And ensembles can be completed with child-sized cloaks located in this section, too! We also carry a few pieces of armor, ranging from leather cuirasses, harnesses and bracers to steel breastplates and more, so that your young one can look like a military archer or soldier fit for battle. Just as archery is not solely for adults, reenactment is also an activity that children can join in and enjoy. And at Medieval Archery, we make it easy for your young one to get involved with the fun by offering a wide selection of great youth reenactment accessories.
RFB Fighter Leather ArmourRFB Fighter Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2717
Armor on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice protection or looks. This RFB Fighter Leather Armor is a fine choice for any LARP warrior to wear, one that offers plenty of protection, as well as a rather distinctive look, too.
Price: $63.00
On Sale For: $56.00
RFB Viking Leather ArmourRFB Viking Leather Armour
Item #MCI-2718
When it comes to armor, the Vikings preferred something functional and light. If you fell overboard while traveling, plate armor made it hard to swim. This RFB Viking Leather Armour is affordable LARP armor with a Viking style.
Price: $87.00
On Sale For: $78.00
Ready For Battle Breastplate - Dark Metal FinishReady For Battle Breastplate - Dark Metal Finish
Item #MCI-2512
Just because you are looking to get some armor does not mean you need to spend a fortune on it. This Ready for Battle Breastplate - Dark Metal Finish is protection for a modest sum of coinage, one that looks as good as it performs!
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $71.25
Childs Black Leather Body ArmourChilds Black Leather Body Armour
Item #MCI-2710
For the young adventurer who needs armour suitable for a LARP quest, the Childs Black Leather Body Armour is a trustworthy option. This lightweight cuirass will assist in the avoidance of injuries during the next roleplay event.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $38.95
Ready For Battle Breastplate - SteelReady For Battle Breastplate - Steel
Item #MCI-2511
Just because you are looking to get some armor does not mean you need to spend a fortune on it. This Ready for Battle Breastplate - Steel is straightforward protection for a modest sum of coinage, one that looks as good as it performs.
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $64.60
Banded Leather Arm Bracers
Item #DK6008
Our banded arm bracers have a great look to them. Get them with contrasting colors or all one color. Our banded arm bracers are made of made of 7/8 ounce leather with accent bands on top, providing protection for LARP and SCA.
Price: $36.00
Childs Brown Leather Body ArmourChilds Brown Leather Body Armour
Item #MCI-2711
The young warrior, who never braves the bitter cold without the protection of a warm coat, must not venture into a LARP kingdom without the fortification of a durable, lightweight cuirass such as the Childs Brown Leather Body Armour.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $38.95
Lucas Brigandine
Item #MY100316
For young warriors who prefer sturdy protection lighter than plate armour, the Lucas Brigandine is the perfect thing to wear. This leather torso armour is made of canvas and polyester with riveted leather plates covering the piece.
Price: $109.89
Childrens Dragon Scale Armour
Item #DK4000
Dragon scales are some of the best protection you can get. More so, they are also quite appealing to wear. This Childrens Dragon Scale Armour allows even your little one to join in the fantasy fun by giving them armour of their own!
Price: $99.00
Childs Elven TunicChilds Elven Tunic
Item #MCI-2347
Our Childs Elven Tunic is suitable attire for archers and swordfighters who make their home in an enchanted woodland. This long-sleeve tunic goes with a variety of looks, perfect for the roleplay wardrobe of a young adventurer.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $47.50
Ready For Battle CapeReady For Battle Cape
Item #MCI-2309-1
There are so many uses for a cloak or a cape that it is staggering. This Ready for Battle Cape fills them all quite nicely, ensuring that you not only get a comfortable garment, but also a stylish one that has more than a few uses.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $27.55
Childs Medieval Ring Belt
Item #DK2009
Our Childs Medieval Ring Belt is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather and a great accent for your little one. It is 1.5 inches wide and 50 inches long. It is available in black, brown, red, green, blue and natural, undyed leather.
Price: $14.00
Kids Medieval TunicKids Medieval Tunic
Item #MCI-2352
This Kids Medieval Tunic is a must-have for any child re-enactor wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn by boys and girls with just about anything. The neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the garment are trimmed with contrasting colors.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $32.30
Childs Medieval Pants
Item #MCI-168
The Childs Medieval Pants is great for finishing off your childs medieval outfit. The Childs Medieval Pants is available in black with red strips or white strips. The knightly pants are made of cotton and are machine washable.
Price: $39.00
Tobi Leather Greaves
Item #MY100356
Scaled down in size for younger fans of LARP and historical reenactment, the Tobi Leather Greaves are adorned with rivets along the top and bottom cuffs as well as on a decorative horizontal strip, giving them a stylish, detailed look.
Price: $21.89
Childs Thin Ring Belt
Item #DK2029
Our Childs Thin Medieval Ring Belt is made of quality leather. It is 0.75 inches wide and comes in 4 different lengths. It is available in several different colors, and you also have a choice of silver (steel) or gold (brass) hardware.
Price: $12.00
Tobi Leather Bracers
Item #MY100355
Even younger fans of LARP and historical reenactment can look stylish in their protective armour. The Tobi Leather Bracers feature decorative rivets on the top and bottom cuffs, as well as along a horizontal band at their centers.
Price: $19.69
Niko Childrens Tunic
Item #MY100326
The Niko Childrens Tunic is an essential basic, great for starting off any childrens medieval inspired outfit. Featuring long sleeves and a classic V-neck collar, this versatile shirt is available in various easy to match colors.
Price: $21.89
Tristan VestTristan Vest
Item #MCI-3232
The Tristan Vest is a stylish addition to the wardrobes of trusted court advisors and well-mannered townsfolk. Simply decorated with contrasting ribbon trim to emphasize a sleek look, this fitted medieval vest ends at the waist.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $32.40
Niko Childrens Pants
Item #MY100325
Sometimes it is best to start with the basics. The Niko Childrens Pants provide a great base for the medieval-inspired outfits of any child. These cotton canvas pants are versatile wardrobe staples available in various colors.
Price: $21.89
Kids Felix Leather Armour
Item #MY100501
The Kids Felix Leather Armour assists young LARP adventurers in avoiding injuries when on an important quest. This medieval cuirass not only raises their defense on the battlefield, but also creates the right look for their role.
Price: $55.00
Kids Felix Leather Greaves
Item #MY100500
Make sure your child is ready for the fun and excitement of a LARP quest while properly fortified against the bruises and scratches of battle. The Kids Felix Leather Greaves assists in the avoidance of injury during said adventure.
Price: $20.00
Kids Tobi Leather Cuirass
Item #MY100552
When completing a noble LARP quest, injuries can slow the young warrior down. The Kids Tobi Leather Cuirass not only raises their defense on the battleground, but also creates the right look for both historical and fantasy roles.
Price: $66.00
Kids Felix Leather Bracers
Item #MY100499
Permit your child to complete a noble LARP quest or reenact history. When combined with our padded bracers and the matching armour pieces, these Kids Felix Leather Bracers ensure the young warrior is ready for an exciting adventure.
Price: $16.00
Lucas Canvas Cloak
Item #MY100463
When planning a family outing to a renaissance faire or preparing the entire clan for a LARP adventure, make sure your child has suitable outerwear. With its classic design, the Lucas Canvas Cloak is a perfect fit for numerous roles.
Price: $20.00