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Usually archers try to stay as far away from combat as possible. But as countless scenarios in games, film, and fiction have shown, that is not always do-able. So from time to time, archers must don armor to keep themselves safe. When you face that moment, you can turn to Medieval Archery to provide you with the leather, mail, and plate armor you need to stay safe in combat while still utilizing your bow to its fullest. Historically, leather and chainmail were two of the common choices for archers, as they could be worn without hampering movement, allowing the archer to still fire their bow. In that respect, we offer leather brigandines and leather cuirasses, as well as high quality mail shirts and chainmail hauberks to wear for personal protection. We also offer leather bracers, pauldrons, and gauntlets to enhance your protective style beyond what some traditional core protection provides. And for the archer who really wants to be safe, we also have steel breastplates, gauntlets, and even a few helmets that will work well when it comes to providing you with the utmost protection possible. Whether you are aiming for non-fiction or fantasy, Medieval Archery has all the archer armour that you will need to keep yourself safe and sound on the field of battle.

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Beaufort Greaves

Item # RT-119
Stylish and efficient are two words that perfectly describe these Beaufort Greaves. Far from just decorative, these half-greaves are handcrafted from quality materials to ensure they look fantastic and provide great protection.

Beaufort Helmet

Item # RT-117
Modeled on the Greek Corinthian helmet, this Beaufort Helmet features a classic style that is protective and recognizable, although it also features a few extra touches that help set it apart as a distinctive and unique helmet.

Beaufort Pauldrons

Item # RT-263
For rogues and mercenaries as well as foot soldiers, guarding the shoulders from attack is very important. Wear the Beaufort Pauldrons into battle. These leather spaulders match well with a variety of LARP costumes and ensembles.

Behan Leather Bracers

Item # RT-184
An assassin does not need heavy metal plates to protect themselves from damage. Something lighter, like these Behan Leather Bracers, are more suited, offering the right combination of protection, lightness, and mobility.

Behan Leather Breastplate

Item # RT-193
Leather is the armor of choice for assassins and rogues for a reason. Not only can it help to ward off blows, but it is light and flexible. Those qualities are well preserved in this Behan Leather Breastplate, as is a roguish style.

Behan Leather Greaves

Item # RT-190
These greaves are not just a subtle detail, one that you wear for reasons of appearance alone. These Behan Leather Greaves are worn because they look good and offer a good level of protection to your shins, too!

Behan Leather Pauldrons - Black

Item # HW-701557BK
No matter if you are a heartless rogue or assassin, the importance of armour should never be forgotten. Wear armour like the black Behan Leather Pauldrons. Wear these leather spaulders into your next LARP battle or at a cosplay convention.

Berengar Ring Armour Jacket

Item # MY100257
Featuring a grid of leather strips throughout, fastened with rivets and adorned with steel rings, the Berengar Ring Armour Jacket is something to behold. This intense piece of LARP armour is great for a variety of fierce looks.

Blackened Chainmail Coif

Item # 300076
No matter if you wish to dress like the Black Prince or prefer a dark aesthetic, don the Blackened Chainmail Coif for battle. This chainmail coif is great for historical reenactments, faires, and LARP battles.

Blackened Chainmail Shirt

Item # 300058
If you wish to become a mighty knight, you must wear some armour to protect yourself. Wear the Blackened Chainmail Shirt. This chainmail shirt is great for historical reenactments, faires, and LARP battles.

Bohemond Leather Bracers

Item # RT-185
The Crusaders were known for their love of mixed protection, preferring to be light and mobile and well protected by pieces of armor. These Bohemond Leather Bracers are inspired by Crusader design, named after a Crusading general.

Bohemond Leather Breastplate

Item # RT-194
Inspired by the medieval coat of plates armor, this Bohemond Leather Breastplate offers a superior level of protection at a minor weight, allowing this armor to be worn comfortably whether you are at the fair or marching to battle.