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Usually archers try to stay as far away from combat as possible. But as countless scenarios in games, film, and fiction have shown, that is not always do-able. So from time to time, archers must don armor to keep themselves safe. When you face that moment, you can turn to Medieval Archery to provide you with the leather, mail, and plate armor you need to stay safe in combat while still utilizing your bow to its fullest. Historically, leather and chainmail were two of the common choices for archers, as they could be worn without hampering movement, allowing the archer to still fire their bow. In that respect, we offer leather brigandines and leather cuirasses, as well as high quality mail shirts and chainmail hauberks to wear for personal protection. We also offer leather bracers, pauldrons, and gauntlets to enhance your protective style beyond what some traditional core protection provides. And for the archer who really wants to be safe, we also have steel breastplates, gauntlets, and even a few helmets that will work well when it comes to providing you with the utmost protection possible. Whether you are aiming for non-fiction or fantasy, Medieval Archery has all the archer armour that you will need to keep yourself safe and sound on the field of battle.

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Bohemond Leather Greaves

Item # RT-191
It might be based on Crusader era style, but there is no denying that these Bohemond Greaves look remarkably dwarvish, as well. Either way, these greaves are great to wear, thanks to their handsome appeal and protective strength.

Bohemond Leather Pauldrons - Black

Item # HW-701512BK
You gaze across the plain, waiting for the enemy to march towards you. You are ready for them, clad in armour like the black Bohemond Leather Pauldrons. Wear these leather spaulders at your next LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Bohemond Leather Pauldrons - Brown

Item # HW-701512BR
As the enemy army marches towards you, you watch them from far off. You are ready for them, clad in armour like the brown Bohemond Leather Pauldrons. Wear these leather spaulders at your next LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Borg Bracers

Item # MY100259
The Borg Bracers are an essential staple in any LARP or medieval reenactment wardrobe. Made of high-quality leather, these bracers are sturdy and versatile, as their classic design allows them to match almost any outfit.

Borg Greaves

Item # MY100260
For LARP greaves of the most versatile style, check out the classic and sturdy Borg Greaves. Made out of high-quality leather, these pieces are secured to the lower leg with a sturdy cord laced through eyelets on the back.

Borge Greaves

Item # RT-199
These Borge Greaves to come you after having served well as the armor of a fierce and feral ranger of the wild, who preferred something straightforward when it came to keeping himself safe from the rigors of hunting and combat.

Borge Leather Bracers

Item # RT-186
The Borge Bracers are an intriguing part of any warriors defense, offering not only superb protection but also a distinctive design, one with a subtle sort of visual enhancement to any warriors preferred look or chosen style.

Borge Leather Breastplate

Item # RT-195
Not all warriors prefer their armor fancy, ornate, and adorned. Some prefer something more subdued. And for those who want their armor speak for their austerity, nothing beats the look of this Borge Leather Breastplate.

Borge Pauldrons

Item # RT-271
No matter your station in a fantasy army or as a medieval soldier, you require proper armour pieces like the Borge Pauldrons to wear into any battle. These leather spaulders match well with a variety of LARP costumes and ensembles.

Broderic Breastplate

Item # RT-122
One would think that a warriors breastplate would be simple, straightforward, and lacking in decoration, but such is not the case here. Functionality does not stop the Broderic Breastplate from being impressively detailed.
$272.50 $247.50

Captain Belt Shields - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3702
As a commander of men, you know that you must lead by example. That is why you protect yourself by wearing armour like the Epic Dark Captain Belt Shields. These thigh guards are great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and more.

Celtic Boar Leather Arm Bracers

Item # DK6097
Ancient Celtic peoples believed that the boar was a symbol of military might. Add this emblem to your armour with the Celtic Boar Leather Arm Bracers. These bracers are fantastic for LARP battles, cosplay, and theater productions.