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Medieval Garb

As an archer, if you are planning on doing any reenacting, a historic longbow and good medieval garb are the first steps towards creating an authentic look. And Medieval Archery can help you with both of those! In this section you will find our medieval clothing, offered for both men and women so that any archer can easily craft their own ensemble. Whether are you aiming for an authentic look from the pages of history or a fantasy look from your favorite setting, you will find a number of garments that will help you craft your look here. Peasant shirts, outlaw tunics, and medieval trousers all perfectly create base looks, while additions like cloaks, hoods, and more help to build your ensemble into something that no-one can ignore. And for the ladies out there, we offer plenty of options as far as medieval skirts and blouses go, so that you can keep on using your bow while looking like a lovely medieval maiden too! And we do not expect you to go barefoot, so we also carry some mens medieval boots and womens medieval boots to complete your look! Medieval reenactment has never been so easy for an archer! Just browse through the medieval garb here at Medieval Archery and you will likely get quite a few ideas on how to craft your own ideal archer ensemble.
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Basic Medieval Tunic

Item # DC1430
You can never go wrong with the ease, comfort, and style of a tunic like this. Made of 100 percent cotton fabric, the Basic Medieval Tunic is based on historical styles and features fashionable floral embroidering along all its hems.

Basic Medieval Tunic - Black with Red

Item # HW-701393BK
Peasants, rogues, mercenaries, and other characters require a versatile wardrobe with clothing items like the black with red Basic Medieval Tunic. This tunic is great for historical reenactments, Renaissance faires, and LARP events.

Basic Medieval Tunic - Brown with Black

Item # HW-701393BR
No matter the character, many different medieval and fantasy characters need some great essentials. Add this brown with black Basic Medieval Tunic. It is fantastic for historical reenactments, Renaissance faires, and LARP events.

Basic Medieval Tunic - Natural with Brown

Item # HW-701393N
When preparing for any adventure, your clothing should be as versatile as your gear. Add the natural with brown Basic Medieval Tunic to your outfit. It is great for historical reenactments, Renaissance faires, and LARP events.

Benson Canvas Gugel Hood

Item # MY100152
A classic headwear option for re-enactors to wear at the Renaissance fair, the medieval gugel perfectly suits peasants and monks. The Benson Canvas Gugel Hood shields your head and shoulders with sturdy cotton canvas fabric.

Benson Wool Gugel Hood

Item # MY100486
The slight chill in the air and a light drizzle is not reason enough to miss an enjoyable day at the renaissance faire, nor hinder a noble LARP quest, not when the Benson Wool Gugel Hood offers warmth and protection from said elements.

Bernhard Penannular Cloak Pin

Item # MY100494
Whether you are a Celt or a Norse Viking, add authenticity to your live action portrayal with the Bernhard Penannular Cloak Pin. This historical clothing fastener follows the open ring brooch design worn from 600 AD and beyond.

Bernhard Penannular Small Cloak Pin

Item # MY100495
With its traditional design, the Bernhard Penannular Small Cloak Pin is a great accessory to a wide range of historical personas. From as far back as 600 AD, the open ring brooch was the clothing fastener of choice in the Celtic world.

Bernulf Warrior Chausses

Item # BG-1018
Saint Bernulf was a 9th-Century Germanic bishop who is known for having died nobly for his cause. Those who wish to emulate such a steadfast spirit will benefit from adding the Bernulf Warrior Chausses to their medieval wardrobe.

Black Medieval Peasant Boots

Item # HW-701485BK
A brave adventurer, traveling trader, or another medieval character needs to make sure that they wear footwear like the Black Medieval Peasant Boots. These leather boots make a great finishing touch to a variety of fantasy costumes.

Black Medieval Peasant Shoes

Item # HW-701484BK
Whether you are simply visiting the market or you going on a grand adventure, make sure that you have footwear like the Black Medieval Peasant Shoes. These shoes make a great finishing touch to a variety of medieval costumes.

Black with Red Cross Templar Tunic

Item # HW-700929
The trumpets sound, calling your vast army into battle. With the Black with Red Cross Templar Tunic, you show to all where your loyalties truly lie. Wear this Crusader tunic to your next medieval LARP event or historical reenactment.