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Medieval Garb

As an archer, if you are planning on doing any reenacting, a historic longbow and good medieval garb are the first steps towards creating an authentic look. And Medieval Archery can help you with both of those! In this section you will find our medieval clothing, offered for both men and women so that any archer can easily craft their own ensemble. Whether are you aiming for an authentic look from the pages of history or a fantasy look from your favorite setting, you will find a number of garments that will help you craft your look here. Peasant shirts, outlaw tunics, and medieval trousers all perfectly create base looks, while additions like cloaks, hoods, and more help to build your ensemble into something that no-one can ignore. And for the ladies out there, we offer plenty of options as far as medieval skirts and blouses go, so that you can keep on using your bow while looking like a lovely medieval maiden too! And we do not expect you to go barefoot, so we also carry some mens medieval boots and womens medieval boots to complete your look! Medieval reenactment has never been so easy for an archer! Just browse through the medieval garb here at Medieval Archery and you will likely get quite a few ideas on how to craft your own ideal archer ensemble.
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Brandolf Warrior Chausses

Item # BG-1017
The German name Brandolf translates roughly to wolf swordsman, reflecting that the bearer of the name is a ferocious fighter. The Brandolf Warrior Chausses are an excellent garment for those who wish to brandish their might.

Brangwine Celtic Dress

Item # DC1448
Attend your next historically themed event dressed as elegant as a goddess when you wear the Brangwine Celtic Dress. Made of ivory linen fabric, this full length Celtic gown features dramatic trumpet sleeves and gorgeous embroidery.
$73.00 $53.34

Bron Canvas Hood

Item # MY100263
When wearing a full length hooded cloak is just too much, add the Bron Canvas Hood to your medieval LARP outfits. Made of sturdy cotton, this hood is great for keeping the cold and damp away from your face without extra bulk.

Bron Suede Hood

Item # MY100151
Whenever the gugel is too warm, the Bron Suede Hood serves as an excellent alternative for guarding yourself from the fierce wind and weather. The medieval hood can be paired with tunics or cloaks for near-seamless protection.

Bron Wool Hood

Item # MY100487
Allow neither the slight chill in the air nor a light rain to prevent you from enjoying a medieval outing. The Bron Wool Hood shields your face from the harsh weather elements without the extra bulk of a full-length hooded cloak.

Brown Medieval Peasant Boots

Item # HW-701485BR
You have accepted the quest requested of you. After packing your things, you set out on a new adventure wearing the Brown Medieval Peasant Boots. These boots make a great finishing touch to a variety of medieval and fantasy costumes.

Brown Medieval Peasant Shoes

Item # HW-701484BR
You step forth towards the sun, beginning a new adventure. The Brown Medieval Peasant Shoes cover your feet as you seek out friends along the way. These shoes make a great finishing touch to a variety of medieval and fantasy costumes.

Brown Medieval Suede Hood

Item # HW-701543BR
Whether you are an outlaw or another illusive figure, you may need to conceal your face sometimes. Use the Brown Medieval Suede Hood for such occasions. This hood is sure to become a favorite in any reenactment or roleplaying wardrobe.

Burkhard Gambeson

Item # MY101040
Do not go into your next battle without the proper padding. Ensure your protection by wearing this awesome Burkhard Gambeson when you decide to fight. This padded gambeson looks wonderful at any Renaissance faire or reenactment.

Carl Canvas Cloak

Item # MY100265
You cannot go wrong with the Carl Canvas Cloak. With its versatile design and durable cotton canvas construction, this cloak is an easy way to embellish any outfit or protect your body from the elements during outdoor events.

Carl Canvas Tabard

Item # MY100114
An ideal look for Renaissance fairs and historical re-enactments, the Carl Canvas Tabard suits a wide range of looks. The medieval tabard is crafted from rough cotton fabric with excellent texture that feels great to wear.

Carmen Blouse

Item # MY100124
An ideal medieval top for an attractive peasant or maiden, the Carmen Blouse rests off-the-shoulder in a pretty style. The medieval blouse is subtly ruffled along its top hem and sleeve cuffs for a very feminine look.