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Your Dressmaker

Part of the fun and whimsy of celebrating the rich history and heritage of any culture includes the creation of a period costume. We take notice of suppliers that offer quality along with a fine selection of historical apparel. Of course, the beautiful gowns at Your Dressmaker caught our eye, which is why we offer our own special collection of their period clothing. From dresses, cloaks, shirts, and trousers, the tailors of Your Dressmaker offer handmade items that are sure to please the most discerning. Our assortment includes clothing for children and adults, perfect for a memorable family outing into the renaissance or medieval eras. Several dresses take inspiration from the Civil War, suitable for the role of Southern Belle. We offer shirts and capes befitting a noble knight, while our Dracula cloaks cater to the gothic genre. Your Dressmaker shares in our love for history and roleplay. So, browse through the excellent assortment that we have to offer. Be sure to check back regularly, for one never knows what we will come up with next.

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European Fencing Shirt

Item # MCI-277
There is not a better shirt for a swordsman then the European Fencing Shirt. This light-weight shirt is perfectly designed to provide great style, without making the additional sacrifice of lost mobility and range of movement.

European Styled Pants

Item # MCI-288
The European Styled Pants are handcrafted from 100% cotton. Not only that, but these medieval-styled pants also quite colorful. These striped pants are available in a wide variety of vivid colors.

Everyday Medieval Dress

Item # MCI-646
A maiden heading to market or strolling through a meadow requires a dress for every day. Add the Everyday Medieval Dress to your historical wardrobe. This dress looks perfect at any LARP event, Renaissance faire, or reenactment.

Frida Medieval Dress

Item # MCI-522
Viking and medieval maidens need proper clothes for the market and other activities. Put on this Frida Medieval Dress and get ready for a Ren faire. This cotton dress is also wonderful for LARP events, cosplay, and reenactments.

Gothic Style Hood

Item # MCI-152
Our Gothic Style Hood is a great addition to any outfit and is for both men and women. This is a full cut hood and also has an oval mantle which completely covers the shoulders. The Gothic Style Hood is made of medium weight cotton.

Hunters Tunic

Item # MCI-737
Crouching, you wait for your prey to appear. You have stalked through the forest ready to make an attack. Wear the Hunters Tunic with your ensemble. It looks great for many medieval and fantasy events, like LARP battles or faires.

Julianne Fantasy Dress

Item # MCI-740
Strolling through a beautiful meadow requires a dress that matches the whimsical setting. Wear the Julianne Fantasy Dress for any fantasy occasion. This dress looks perfect at any LARP event, Renaissance faire, or reenactment.

Knights Hooded Cloak

Item # MCI-172
The Knights Hooded Cloak is made from velour velvet fabric with hand sewn medieval style trim. The hood of the cloak is lined in satin. The Knights Hooded Cloak comes in sizes a variety of sizes and colors.

Ladies Cotton Fair Blouse

Item # MCI-534
Step back in time and become a beautiful medieval maiden by wearing this peasant top. Add the Ladies Cotton Fair Blouse to your historical wardrobe. This shirt is versatile enough for many different fantasy and reenacting ensembles.

Ladies Hooded Elven Tunic

Item # MCI-561
An elven warrior dashes through the deep forest, hiding her face from her pursuers. Wear the Ladies Hooded Elven Tunic and become a fantasy hero. This tunic looks fantastic at LARP events, cosplay conventions, and even reenactments.

Ladies Medieval Surcoat with Underdress

Item # MCI-649
Just like modern women, medieval ladies loved to layer their clothes. The Ladies Medieval Surcoat with Underdress makes a wonderfully layered look. This ensemble is fantastic for any LARP event, Renaissance faire, or reenactment.

Leather Belt Bag

Item # MCI-370
Hitting your local ren fair is a great chance to leave behind most of the modern world for a short time. Thanks to this Leather Belt Bag, you will not actually have to leave behind all those modern amenities that you need, though!