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Your Dressmaker

Part of the fun and whimsy of celebrating the rich history and heritage of any culture includes the creation of a period costume. We take notice of suppliers that offer quality along with a fine selection of historical apparel. Of course, the beautiful gowns at Your Dressmaker caught our eye, which is why we offer our own special collection of their period clothing. From dresses, cloaks, shirts, and trousers, the tailors of Your Dressmaker offer handmade items that are sure to please the most discerning. Our assortment includes clothing for children and adults, perfect for a memorable family outing into the renaissance or medieval eras. Several dresses take inspiration from the Civil War, suitable for the role of Southern Belle. We offer shirts and capes befitting a noble knight, while our Dracula cloaks cater to the gothic genre. Your Dressmaker shares in our love for history and roleplay. So, browse through the excellent assortment that we have to offer. Be sure to check back regularly, for one never knows what we will come up with next.

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Medieval Chemise

Item # MCI-144
This Medieval Chemise is a beautiful handmade 100% cotton chemise. The Medieval Chemise has a button at the top of the neckline. The Medieval Chemise is worn under all gowns, bodices and skirts, like a medieval slip.

Medieval Embroidered Tunic

Item # MCI-314
The Medieval Embroidered Tunic is an essential garment that features a great, rustic look with hand embroidered details. It is made from natural cotton and comes in a variety of colors, while the decorative embroidery is offered in either black or white.

Medieval Hood With Mantle

Item # MCI-153
Our Medieval Hood With Mantle is a great addition to any outfit for both men and women. This is a full cut hood and also has an oval mantle which covers the shoulders. The Medieval Hood With Mantle is made of medium weight cotton.

Medieval Lace-Up Tunic

Item # MCI-322
The Medieval Lace-Up Tunic is a simple but none-the-less attractive tunic that can be used in the creation of a dozen or more different types of looks. From pirates to poets to peasants and more, this tunic looks great in any style.

Medieval Suede Trousers

Item # MCI-321
The Medieval Suede Trousers are a simple but effective pair of medieval pants that are as versatile as they are handsome. These pants have such a universal style that they mesh cohesively with almost any medieval or renaissance look.

Medieval Tunic with Leather Trim

Item # MCI-249
Like the T-shirt of the modern era, the tunic was once the common choice of attire, which meant that tunics were worn in a variety of ways. Like its ancestor, the Medieval Tunic with Leather Trim can be worn in many different ways.

Medieval Twill Bodice

Item # MCI-554
Medieval wenches far and wide should look fantastic for any occasion in the Middle Ages. Add this Medieval Twill Bodice to your historical wardrobe. It works wonderfully for roleplaying, reenacting, and attending Renaissance faires.

Men's Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-290
These simple pants could not have a more apt name then the Men's Basic Medieval Pants. These pants feature something of a universal style, as they can be seamlessly used in virtually every form of medieval and renaissance style.

Mens Elven Cloak

Item # MCI-514
Bring refined elegance to your adventuring style when you drape the Mens Elven Cloak over your shoulders. This hooded cloak blends fantasy and medieval inspiration, creating a versatile outerwear option for rangers, elves, and more.

Norse Fur Trimmed Bag

Item # MCI-320
If there is a drawback to medieval clothing, it is their lack of storage space. If you are going to be dressing in medieval fashion and do not want to leave your amenities behind, consider using the Norse Fur Trimmed Bag.

Outlaw Pants

Item # MCI-738
Being a medieval outlaw on the run can be difficult, unless you happen to stop in Sherwood Forest. Wear these Outlaw Pants on your next adventure. This pair of pants is wonderful for many medieval ensembles and fantasy costumes.

Peasant Shirt

Item # MCI-275
The average, everyday medieval person did not need fancy clothing. They needed something that was functional. They needed a garment like the Peasant Shirt, which features effective, simple construction without any frivolous decoration.