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Belts & Pouches

Belts are not just for holding up your trousers. In archery, a belt might be for supporting your quiver or for carrying the pouch that contains your extra arrowheads - both are two things that no medieval archer would likely be without! And that is why Medieval Archery carries not just belts, but belts and pouches and other odds and ends that you can secure about your waist - so that as an archer, you are always prepared for what lies ahead. The most pivotal items found in this section are the belts - after all, belt accessories are no help at all if you cannot wear them! We offer both buckle belts and ring belts, with variations on either that add more touches of detail to your person. A Celtic ring belt, for instance, lends some subtle detail to your look with its classic form, while a dragon scale buckled belt reflects an easy-to-use style with obvious fantasy influence. Also found in this section are belt pouches for carrying practically anything you can imagine, from arrowheads to potions to modern amenities and more. We also offer a number of other clever trinkets like compasses, thermoses, telescopes, and more, so that you can complete your look with all sorts of thoughtful and useful accessories. Once you have your base look, it is time to accessorize, and at Medieval Archery, that means taking a few moments to pick out a few items located right here in our belts and pouches section.

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Belwar Long Belt Bag

Item # MY101246
A medieval traveler or trader may need to carry any number of things on them at any given time. Carry your important gear in the Belwar Long Belt Bag. It looks wonderful with a variety of historical and fantasy inspired outfits.

Belwar Potion Bag

Item # MY100903
Mages, potion masters, apothecaries, and even spice traders need to hold their bottles securely. Use our Belwar Potion Bag to carry your concoctions. This pouch is fantastic for reenactments, LARP events, and cosplay costumes.

Belwar Shoulder Bag

Item # MY100904
Travelers and explorers should keep their gear close at hand. Hold your equipment in our Belwar Shoulder Bag on your next journey in distant lands. This bag is great for historical reenactments, LARP events, and cosplay outfits.

Belwar Small Belt Bag

Item # MY100874
Medieval traders, alchemists, and many other characters need a place to carry their goods. Use the Belwar Small Belt Bag to hold your small items. This bag works great for different eras and genres. Wear it to a convention or faire.

Beowulf Leather Belt

Item # 200674
The Beowulf Belt is truly a fantastic belt made of a heavy grade brown leather, which measures a full 74 inches in length. Nickel studs adorn the belt, and it also features a fine brass buckle as decoration.

Borchard Pouch Belt

Item # MY101226
Many characters need a place to keep their important items. From alchemists to mercenaries and more, keep your things in this Borchard Pouch Belt. This pouch belt adds some practicality to a variety of costumes for many occasions.

Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt - Black

Item # HW-701283
Whether you are a knight, adventurer, or other character, the Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt in Black makes a fantastic accessory for your costume. Add a unique detail to LARP, faire, or reenactment outfits with this studded belt.

Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt - Brown

Item # HW-701208
Adventurer, knight, merchant, or noble, the Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt in Brown is a great accessory for both historical and fantasy looks. This handcrafted leather belt has brass studs forming crosses from buckle to tip.

Brown Leather Drawstring Pouch

Item # HW-700851
The Brown Leather Drawstring Pouch is an essential for all kinds of medieval and fantasy characters. This versatile suede leather pouch can hold coins, keys, and other small objects for adventurers, nobles, and merchants alike.

Buckled Travelers Pouch - Black

Item # HW-700905
For the Renaissance noble or medieval merchant, a good pouch is absolutely essential. Carry your treasures in the Buckled Travelers Pouch in black. For LARP events or faires this belt bag is perfect for keeping your gear secure.

Buckled Travelers Pouch - Brown

Item # HW-700909
For hardy adventurers and rugged warriors, the Brown Buckled Travelers Pouch is the perfect companion. This natural leather bag has a roomy shape for small essentials, and its front flap closes securely with a brass buckled strap.

Calvert Large Leather Kidney Bag

Item # MY100804
Whether a fantasy paladin or trader, many characters require a pouch to hold some important gear. Carry yours in the Calvert Large Leather Kidney Bag. This pouch is great for going to market, a Renaissance faire, or medieval event.